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Lex has been active for IBM Global Services for 16 years as Certified Senior Project Manager and has also contributed to the IBM Intellectual Capital such as the 'Practical Project Management Handbook'. He has executed a variety of projects both for external clients as well within IBM. A special assignment was as 4th Project Manager for an external client to finish the project successfully, to rebuild trust and relationships and to remotivate the team. 
His last role was Manager on Duty, and at the same time process improvement, regarding the Governmental UWV account (social security in the Netherlands) where IBM is not only responsible for the entire infrastructure management but also for technical application management. His team was distributed over a number of countries.

While Lex considers sharing of knowledge and experience crucial he developed the book 'Holistic Project Management' which is publised by an American Publisher and also be bought via eg. Amazon.
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Lex started as programmer for Foxboro in the 'real-time' process industry. In many projects he participated in both the Netherlands as well as outside the Netherlands (such as BASF in Germany). After this period he has worked for several softwarehouses such as Logica. Thanks to his process technology knowledge and experience he worked for Gist Brocades (DSM) for fermatation automation at laboratory scale first and later on in the fermentation test plant. After Gist Brocades has has worked for the Dutch research institute TNO on a submarine simulator. 
Via a softwarehouse Lex has worked for Shell at the head office in the Hague (the Netherlands) to develop systems for process control of oil refineries. Lex has developed for instance a 'model based control' system for two oil refineries to perform process control by means of mathematical models.

In 1997 Lex founded a global non-profit patientorganisation ( organisation website ). He is the president as well. In 2005 he started in the USA which became an independent organisation in 2012. In 2015 an independent organisation started in Canada. One of many activities is to organise global conferences.

Interests and activities are technology, psychology, philosophy, personal development, walking, cycling, tennis & museums.