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Once the project is fully completed, the Project Manager gets a formal discharge from the Sponsor. 

The Project Manager shall verify the accuracy of the Project Definition or actually delivered what was agreed (observing also changes with it). The Project Manager also shows if the results have not been achieved, how this proceeds, and whom is responsible.

All outstanding issues should be with an owner. Also check that all changes have been completed. It is also crucial to ensure that all products are taken to the right parties. Does the management organization the right knowledge / experience built up sufficient capacity to manage the completed? In fact, this last point is not the responsibility of the Project Manager but the management organization. Likewise, the management organization is responsible for the fulfillment of the Service Level Agreement, which specifies the times during which services are provided.

Check Project Manager hours and that no charges need to be made and that all invoices (especially to external parties) are paid and that the Sponsor has a financial overview of the project with estimated costs, actual costs and profit / loss on the project overview. For external projects it should be so that the sponsor can see whether the project has yielded the expected profit. Often the 'gross profit' (%) is indicated.

The discharge may be granted which should be in the Project File. (Obviously) saved by sending an e-mail.