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Once a project has been completed and all deliverables are completed, the management organization is to take over the business. Unfortunately, the transition from project to management is often quite a problem for those with the project. At the end of the project, people are often tired and the motivation is not always optimal. The budget may be consumed and one wants to close the project as soon as possible.

When the transfer to the management organization is not started on time then this is asking for trouble that can still affect the Project Manager. My experience is that the transfer should be in the project, with control going to the organization as early as possible.  Make sure to agree on who bears the costs for the transfer to management because it appears sometimes to be forgotten. What is a good time to get involved?  My advice is during the project definition phase, especially when it comes to what will be delivered and when. First, the management organization, at that time indicate what they need to manage in accordance with the requirements agreed with the client (possible deliverables to be produced by the project). Second, the management organization in advance to schedule their capacity if they know when they are supposed to be ready to start taking the product.

Prevent the project result 'is thrown over the wall' to the management organization which then becomes owner of all issues. The end users will ultimately be the victims of such a debacle that may arise between the project organization and management organization.

The management organization is best based on acceptance criteria which they have prepared themselves and which are known to the project organization, delivered to a test and only after formal transfer is arranged to the management organization, the project team is relieved of his duties. If not treated this way then there are problems. It is possible that not all problems are resolved before the transfer actually takes place. In this case solutions to both the project team and the management organization are not always known but what the parties have agreed on.
Pay special attention to transfer licenses and certificates. Especially in certificates of software products or services  start and end dates should be included. It will not be the first time that a certificate expires and software therefore no longer functions. Solving such problems may take time because it is not as common, and as a result, much time can go to find and solve the problem lost.