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The project implementation will start after the project definition has been approved by the right people (especially the sponsor because that determines who pays). Below is a list of best practices in the various areas where you as a Project Manager will face during the implementation of the project:

  1. Do not wait until you get questions as Project Manager from above (executive) management but take an active attitude (make sure you enter the 'driving seat' and stay there). Report according to the Communications Management Plan (topics, frequency, etc.) at the agreed time. Trust is not easy to get and can easily and quickly be lost.

  2. Agree in advance about progress reporting and avoid different reports for different stakeholders. Use eg. trafficlight concept to indicate the status of particular cases. Explain briefly the causes and actions in case of a 'red' light.

  3. Management is not waiting to hear of problems. They want to know what you did to solve these problems. If you can not solve these problems, specify a number of options (with pros and cons, risks, cost estimates, etc.) which enables management to make a choice.

  4. Keep an eye on the expiry dates of the commitment of the people and put these data eg in a calendar.

  5. Do not spend too much time on the (initial) planning. For the duration of the project, you can make refinements as necessary. Planning is intended to support and is not a goal in itself.

  6. Ask commitment of team members for their committed period. This applies particularly to the efforts of people from countries such as India where the attrition rate is relatively high.

  7. Keep an eye on the pressure on the people and team atmosphere. Without people you are lost as Project Manager.

  8. Keep on scanning the external environment regarding risks for your project.

  9. Keep the Project File in order. This is crucial for the project and when an audit is performed, there is no time this is 'just' to update.

  10. Be aware of the different cultures in the project. People from Germany, Spain, India, etc. have a really different way of thinking and acting! Also see this as enrichment and let people share this within the team (by eg. giving a presentation about their country). This also has a positive effect on team spirit.

  11. Communicate ... communicate ... communicate.