Language selection

During the project implementation, it is particularly important to the stakeholders and the team to inform in accordance with the Communications Management Plan. It is important to adhere to the agreed reporting frequency and content because if you do not, chances are you'll get extra work as a Project Manager that can develop into a negative spiral and finally in a breach of trust.
Per project component by means of a traffic light, the status of this particular item can be presented to (executive) management enabling them to see quickly where any problems might be (their help is needed especially when things are outside your span of control but which do have a negative impact on your project, such as hardware deliveries which are delayed).
Enter the progress clearly what actions you have as taken Project Manager so that management has confidence in you. Make sure you enter the 'driving seat' and continue.

In many companies a lot of work that was previously done within the same country has now moved to other countries and has not improved the communication. Companies often use 'conference calls' where one can only hear the other while most of the interpersonal communication is in a completely different way than words express. Moreover, in many countries English is not always well spoken/understood and still leaves out the consideration of local accent! From my own experience I know that telephone consultation with colleagues from India and Poland is not easy in the same conversation. An alternative is to use Skype, although not all companies allow this because of network congestion and / or security of workstations.

Consultation with the project is important for all participants! It is advisable everyone is given the floor for a few minutes (time management is really necessary otherwise the meetings drag on) and briefly to tell what he / she is doing and what he / she sees as problems or experiences. In this way, the team members can help each other and know that everyone who is working which helps to prevent time loss. As Project Manager keep close tabs on the atmosphere of the team and be on alert to prevent problems that it could result in the project. 
For example, when milestones are achieved or things are going well organize something like cake because it energizes the team. These small investments can have enormous positive impact on the motivation of the team members especially when a project is exciting or motivation is desperately needed!

Projects which have a large impact on the organization or outside the organization demand additional communication using the language of the intended audience. A user is not interested to know when a Web server is operational. They want to know when a particular service is available. A simple medium is an electronic newsletter or a blog. Publish news, for example, every two weeks on a fixed day which increases regularly confidence.

Another important aspect of communication includes changing the method after the system is introduced. Basically, people have no desire to change their (known) method so you will first have to overcome a lot of resistance.  Do not underestimate the amount of time and energy involved! Involve people at an early stage in the whole so that there is a better acceptance rate and less resistance. Involve particularly those with the greatest resistance because then the others should follow easier. Make it clear what the benefit is for them. When they can see / find benefit then you have basically a "showstopper" and then immediately the project sponsor and steering committee are on board.