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A project start-up does not always run smoothly. When a project does not start properly, this works long through possible throughout the duration of the project, and extra energy costs, costs extra money, supplies frustrations with many stakeholders and may also not yielded what is actually meant was. It is therefore important to start a project. Well
Here are some things that should be in a project start-tuned:

  1. Are the stakeholders actually 'committed'? If not, then you have to address as a Project Manager. A very high risk Only engagement is insufficient.
  2. Is there a budget and if so how? This budget throughout the duration of the project?
  3. Check the contract carefully and look for particular things which are not SMART are shown. Specify in the Project Definition from the Project Manager view the details. Assumptions are fine as long as they are documented!
  4. Create a Project Communications Management Plan.
  5. Turn on the Project File.
  6. Create a Project Definition.
  7. Create a project schedule.
  8. Create profiles of required persons on board and remove it (start here, as quickly as possible when it comes to getting people from other countries, especially outside the European Union, on board).
  9. Aim the financial management.
  10. Set Change, Issue and Risk Management.
  11. Put Deliverable Management.
  12. Create a project kick-off presentation and organize a project kick-off.