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Looking from risk management the following main risks are identified:

  1. The attrition rate of the people in the low income countries is considerably higher than in other countries. This implies that people pretty quickly, especially if they have additional training and work experience gained (at the expense of the supplier) leave and so a new person will need to be trained (additional charge for the project and delay).

  2. When people from other countries have access to client environments in order to be able to carry out their work, a number of things need to be arranged.  This is not a trivial task and this can take a lot of time! Of course, the client wants to know how the security is arranged on the other side of the world. Here many hours can be spent, even possible travel and accommodation costs, and perhaps by the supplier must be an isolated network with a 'tunnel' to be arranged in a secured room (all extra costs). The processing time of such pathways can take months with no talk about the cost!

  3. Contractual agreements between the supplier and the boarding up of Delivery Center is a time-consuming business and is crucial.

  4. For example, the 'transfer' of a helpdesk to a country like Poland for a Dutch client may pose challenges. The Dutch client wants, often a Dutch speaking helpdesk. From my own experience I know that this can not run smoothly. Where do you get people in Poland who understand and speak Dutch? Also this takes time as well as the training of these people. Also there is a higher gradient of risk regarding people leaving.

  5. Quality management, in particular in this context, deliver what has been agreed and when according to previously agreed requirements, is when the people carrying out the work are not physically close to regular consultations an extra risk and requires additional efforts from the vendor. I am thinking in particular of remote software development. Drawing up of the requirements should be done very meticulously. The 'throw over the wall' of such matters is a guarantee of failure. Change Management is definitely in this context of particular importance.