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In this context, Consultancy means providing consultancy services in the field of Program / Project Management in the Information and Communication Technology environment. When a program / project is not going as expected, hiring external capacity is a quick way to get into the real problems and possible solutions. The atmosphere within the company is often in such cases not 'optimal' causing people to isolate themselves, tune out, lose motivation, etc.

The hiring of an external consultant can help in an objective way to draw the actual picture. This external consultant has not been involved in this process so far and does not have to fear for his career or reputation within the company. Once the situation has been mapped, the next steps will be defined to get the program / ​​project back on track so that eventually the agreed upon product will be delivered.

On the other hand Consultancy can also mean the execution of processes in the field of process improvements.
Clients often have the necessary knowledge and experience in Information and Communication Technology and making ever greater demands on the services provided by external parties. Not infrequently bonus / malus contracts with external parties often result in a fine (claim) that must be paid due to a breach of their contractual obligations to the client.
In this context it is important that internal processes of the supplier of the different internal organizations connect seamlessly. Unfortunately, in practice this is not always the case and certainly once a supplier providing services to a client who operates from different countries, this is an additional challenge. Important issues that need to be coordinated include the 'windows service' and 'service levels' . All parties involved must operate synchronously (in the event that the parties are located in different time zones) and the same resolution times or response times should be used.