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Organizing a workshop is also one of the possible services. The context of these workshops, where my expertise lies, is in the field of Information and Communication Technology. A concrete example of a two-day workshop is a Project Definition workshop where the basis is constructed for the project in different ways. This includes not only the basis of the project but also the basis for cooperation. During the workshop, for example, often there are different interests and hidden agendas on the table.
An important objective of the workshop is to create a team spirit and commitment is created or grows.

This service has several variants, which in consultation with the client, determines which service best suits the needs of the client.
A few examples:

  1. Complete workshop organization (such as arranging space, catering, communications, leading workshops, reporting, evaluation, etc.).
  2. Run workshop (including reporting and evaluation).
  3. Run workshop as a 'moderator'.

Lex has experience with the full range of (international) workshops and works on the basis of 'checklists' and 'templates' based on experience.